Monday, April 02, 2007

Goldberg for ruby on rails
Goldberg is a website development tool for Ruby on Rails that provides user management, role-based security, site navigation via menus that are dynamic depending on each user's role, and content pages (a very basic CMS).

Goldberg is a Ruby on Rails generator that enables you to set up fully-featured websites within minutes.

Goldberg is a holistic solution with security, site navigation and content management all designed to work together. When users log in they have access to actions and pages based on their permissions. The site’s menu adapts to display only the items allowed for each user.
Secure Websites with Ease

Ease of installation and use are key concerns in Goldberg’s design.

Goldberg acts as a secure framework that wraps itself around your application, but with independence on both sides. You don’t have to write any Goldberg-specific code into your application; conversely you don’t have to hack Goldberg to make it work with your application. There are no APIs or complex tagging systems to learn. Goldberg is configured via a simple management interface that comes out-of-the-box.

As a Rails developer, you want to focus on making Rails work for you. Goldberg’s role is to take care of your site—to provide security and navigational controls. You can put your Rails application models/views/controllers into Goldberg, assign appropriate permissions, and add them to your site’s menu quickly and easily.

Goldberg is Free software. Goldberg can be downloaded from RubyForge at See the “Files” section for the latest release.
Goldberg has a thriving community of users who communicate through the Discuss Goldberg forum. Requests and suggestions are welcome. Members of the core team provide support directly to Goldberg users through the forum.

Goldberg is undergoing active development. The forum is where members of the Goldberg community can find out what’s going on, and have a say in the future development of Goldberg.

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