Thursday, April 03, 2008

Difference of \b and [\b] in javascript

\b Match a word boundary. That is, match the position between a \w character and a \W character or between a \w character and the beginning or end of a string. (Note, however, that [\b] matches backspace.)
\B Match a position that is not a word boundary.
[\b] A literal backspace (special case).
Note that the special character-class escapes can be used within square brackets. \s matches any whitespace character, and \d matches any digit, so /[\s\d]/ matches any one whitespace character or digit. Note that there is one special case. As you'll see later, the \b escape has a special meaning. When used within a character class, however, it represents the backspace character. Thus, to represent a backspace character literally in a regular expression, use the character class with one element: /[\b]/.

Reference: Javascript the Definitive Guide 5th.

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