Tuesday, June 26, 2007

如何在Rails Session中存取模型对象object

当在controller中存放某个对象(比如是一个:对象)到Session中时,应用程序会报错,并抛出一个500错误,而不是Rails的错误(在存的时候不会错,但读取就报错,因为不能正常反序列化对象)。这需要在application.rb(contollers folder)中require此对象的class,重启Rails服务器进程重新打开浏览器即可。
class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
model :user

在Rails SESSION中存放对象是有限制的,一般在session中的对象是要求可序列化的(用Ruby Marshal library),见programming ruby 2nd中说明:
Module Marshal
The marshaling library converts collections of Ruby objects into a byte stream, allowing them to be stored outside the currently active script. This data may subsequently be read and the original objects reconstituted.

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