Wednesday, June 06, 2007

mongrel_rails service::start ERROR

E:\works>mongrel_rails service::install -N search -c E:\works -p 3000 -e production
Mongrel service 'search' installed as 'search'.

E:\works>mongrel_rails service::start -N search
ERROR RUNNING 'service::start': Plugin /service::start does not exist in category /commands
Use help command to get help

> Is there an expected release date for the fixed version of
> mongrel_service that will resolve the missing service::start command?

No, it wouldn't. ::start and ::stop commands where removed since they
duplicate simple functionality found built in windows.

The same you achieve calling mongrel_rails service::start -N myservice
could be done with just 3 words at the command line:

net start myservice

Doing a simple comparison:

"mongrel_rails service::start -N myservice".length
=> 41
"net start myservice".length
=> 19

Guess which one wins? This is also valid for stop (4 letters).

> I would love to use the much improved features of the new
> mongrel_service, but I haven't been able to yet.

Why? you only need to remove and then reinstall the service (::remove
and then ::install again).

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