Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rails Plugins 相关命令

$> script/plugin -h

Usage: plugin [OPTIONS] command
Rails plugin manager.

-r, --root=DIR Set an explicit rails app directory.
Default: /Users/yu/Sites/docbox
-s, --source=URL1,URL2 Use the specified plugin repositories instead of the defaults.
-v, --verbose Turn on verbose output.
-h, --help Show this help message.

discover Discover plugin repositories.
list List available plugins.
install Install plugin(s) from known repositories or URLs.
update Update installed plugins.
remove Uninstall plugins.
source Add a plugin source repository.
unsource Remove a plugin repository.
sources List currently configured plugin repositories.

Install a plugin:
plugin install continuous_builder

Install a plugin from a subversion URL:
plugin install

Install a plugin from a git URL:
plugin install git://

Install a plugin and add a svn:externals entry to vendor/plugins
plugin install -x continuous_builder

List all available plugins:
plugin list

List plugins in the specified repository:
plugin list --source=

Discover and prompt to add new repositories:
plugin discover

Discover new repositories but just list them, don't add anything:
plugin discover -l

Add a new repository to the source list:
plugin source

Remove a repository from the source list:
plugin unsource

Show currently configured repositories:
plugin sources

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